Hannity as well as the Countrywide Favorite Vote Plan – Arguments About a National Popular Vote

KellyAnne Conway, author of The National Popular Vote plan, argues that our system of elections is broken and that the best way to fix it is by adopting a National Popular Vote plan

Now, I can certainly see her point when she says that our election system is fundamentally flawed, but my question is what is that broken election system? This article will look at the system that she advocates for.

The help me write my book report National Popular Vote plan has three basic parts. These are the allocation of electoral votes by congressional district, the electoral vote bonus for winning states, and the payment for the winner of the popular vote. In order to understand the plan, you first need to understand the electoral college. The electoral college works by dividing the population of all 50 states into districts, which are assigned based on population.

Each district is allocated the number of electoral votes, it would get if the state were a single-member district. For example, if California was divided into districts, each papernow.org/pay-for-homework district would get two electoral votes. Now, how many electors are we talking about? Thirty is the average number of electors. However, it doesn’t end there.

Some states get more than one electoral vote because of how the electoral votes are allocated. If a state like California has a lot of people, its electoral votes would be split between ten states and its own two electors. New York would receive two and so would Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington.

Hannity has been the media darling for years

He has a large following and his show reaches a huge audience. So, he’s certainly going to get people talking about a National Popular Vote plan.

He then begins talking about how the people in these states should have their say. That’s where the theory breaks down. The electoral college allocates https://www.lsu.edu/careercenter/family/major.php electors according to the population of the state.

Hannity then starts to refer to “popular vote. ” He makes the same argument that the Electoral College is broken and that the most important thing is for the people in the states to have their say. However, it should be noted that the people in the states don’t have their say.

Now, Hannity makes this argument, which should be interesting to watch. Let’s assume that California had its say and chosen Hillary Clinton. Clinton would win the electoral college.

So, again, let’s assume that the Democrats won. Trump would win the popular vote, and California wouldn’t get its two electors. Now, who do you think will get those eight electoral votes?

In my opinion, Hannity’s idea is flawed. The answer is simple. The Democrats need to win in the states that count the most.

So, Hannity’s argument is flawed because the Democrats cannot win with just the people in the states. They have to win in the states that matter the most. If the Democrats don’t do this, they will never be able to win the election.

So, Hannity’s argument is wrong because the Democrats cannot win with the people in the states that matter. You see, a National Popular Vote plan is a perfect candidate for a rigged election system.


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